About Hawaii Public Adjusters

If you are dealing with an insurance company regarding a commercial or residential loss, Hawaii Public Adjusters can help. We represent policyholders in the preparation, documentation, and settlements of their insurance claims.  We have an unwavering reputation as advocates for the policyholder and are well respected throughout the Pacific region and the insurance industry.

Hawaii Public Adjusters manages your claim so you recover the accurate amounts due for your loss in the most timely fashion. Typically, we secure significantly higher settlements for our clients than an insurance company would ever initially offer.  Whether it’s a devastating structure fire at a Kauai car dealership, a flooded apartment due to a pipe burst on Maui, or entire streets of hail-damaged roofs on the Windward side of Oahu, no claim is too small, or too complicated.

Hawaii Public Adjusters works with a group of insurance specialists, architects, contractors, and attorneys who together are able to pool their collective knowledge and expertise to aggressively enforce every clause within your insurance policy.   We also take advantage of the laws which regulate insurance claims management as well as the State of Hawaii’s Insurance Code which regulates the industry to effectively enforce compliance by the insurance company.

We offer a free consultation and there is no obligation in hiring us unless you feel that we can help you.  Be rest assured, at the very least you’ll come away from one of our consultations armed with a bit of knowledge to aid you in the claims process.

Robert Hugh Joslin is Hawaii’s only Certified Professional Public Adjuster (CPPA) as designated by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA).

Robert Joslin

Robert is the principal Public Adjuster at Hawaii Public Adjusters Corp where he also serves as its president. He is an active member of the National Association of Public Adjuster (NAPIA) serving as one (1) of the twelve (12) nationally elected board members for the organization (2012-2015 and 2016-2019). He currently serves as NAPIA’s Chairman for the National Legislation Committee. He has been guest speaker at several symposiums covering topics such as Adjuster Ethics, Hawaii Property Claim Practices, and Hawaii Property Policy Coverages. He holds nineteen (19) different trade categories of construction licensing issued by the State of Hawaii Contractor’s Licensing Board. He also holds Wind Insurance Network Certifications for both Insurance Appraiser and for Insurance Umpire in Hawaii and the certification of Insurance Appraiser from the Insurance Appraiser and Umpire association.

Background and History

In July of 1979, Robert Hugh Joslin became involved in insurance claim work as a contractor in the Brazoria County/Greater Houston, Texas area in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Claudette. Through that experience, he acquired property claim handling procedures from very well-seasoned catastrophe adjusters who were processing Texas property claims. In August 18th 1983, Hurricane Alicia hit the same Texas gulf coast region where he continued to work with policyholders and insurance carriers alike satisfying both the insurer’s and the insured’s expectations. That work included the largest Brazoria County reconstruction project (The Peregrine Condominiums in Surfside, Texas) related to that storm event. After its completion, he moved to Hawaii in 1985 and the following year established Joslin Service Corp which became a leading midsized contracting firm performing commercial work on each of the main islands. On September of 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck Hawaii leaving billions of dollars in property damage in its wake. With the significant damages caused by Iniki, he became even more actively engaged with mainland catastrophe adjusters and insurance carriers. The work included some of the states’ largest contracting firms involved in the reconstruction efforts of Kauai hotels and commercial properties. His unique dual roles, one as a commercial contractor along with his separate experiences in insurance claim work, progressed into a position of being a public advocacy setting him on the path towards becoming a Public Adjuster. After further developing his education in insurance policy interpretation, expanded coverage training, schooling, claim symposiums and conferences, he geared to the more licit aspects of the property claims adjusting world. In late 2001, he was approved and eventually tested out in the field of Public Adjusting. On February 20th of 2002, he became the only full-time Public Adjuster residing in Hawaii.

  • Public Adjuster – State of Hawaii Department of Insurance Public Adjuster (Lic # 315674)
  • Public Adjuster – State of Texas Department of Insurance Public Adjuster (Lic # 1539070)
  • Independent Adjuster – Hawaii Department of Insurance (Lic # 443910)
  • General Contractor – State of Hawaii- DCCA (Lic # BC14333)
Hawaii Construction Trade Categories

Hawaii Construction Trade Categories and GC subcategories (BC-14333):

B – General Contractor
C04 – Boiler, Hot Water and Steam Fitting. Includes Fuel and Hazardous Waste Products.
C05* – (with a/b subcat) General Remodel, Cabinetry, Millwork, Doors, Windows and Siding.
C06* – Framing License. Including Steel, Trusses and Sheathing associated w/ Structural.
C10* – Scaffold Erection License.
C12* – Drywall and Wall Board License.
C17 – Excavating, Grading and Trenching License includes explosives in Earthen Work.
C20 – Master Fire Protection License including work per the National Board of Fire Underwriters.
C24* – Building Moving and Demolition License.
C25 – Institution and Commercial Equipment License.
C31a* – Cement and Concrete License.
C32a* – Stone Masonry License.
C37 – Master Plumbing License.
C40 – Refrigeration License.
C42a* – Metal Roofing License.
C42b* – Shake and Wood Roofing License.
C43 – Sewage, Drainage and Pipe Layers License.
C44 – Sheet Metal License.
C52 – Ventilation and Air Conditioning License.

*denotes a sub-licensing category held as a Hawaii General Contractor

  • Certified Professional Public Adjuster (CPPA) Accreditation Insurance Institute of America
  • Certified Insurance Appraiser (CIA)-Insurance Appraiser and Umpire Association
  • Professional Appraiser Designation (PAD) -Windstorm Insurance Network
  • Umpire Certification (UC) – Network Windstorm Insurance Network
  • Earthquake Adjuster – California Earthquake Adjuster Accreditation – HAAG Engineering
Professional Memberships
  • Nation Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) : National Chairman- Education
  • Nation Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) : National Board of Directors
  • United Policyholders (UP) : Volunteer and Consultant
  • American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) : Member
  • Windstorm Insurance Network (WIN) : Member
Professional Certifications

WIND INSURANCE NETWORK – Appraiser Certification

Board Members: Curtis Hutchens, Citizens Property Inc. Corp; Jon Doan, Claims Consultants Group; John Voelpel, Voelpel Claim Service, Inc; John Salmon, Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution

WIND INSURANCE NETWORK – Umpire Certification

Board Members: John Voelpel, Voelpel Claim Services; Jim Reichle, Jim Reichle & Associates; Janet Brown, Esq., Boehm, Brown, Fischer, Harwood, Kelly & Scheihing, P.A.; Javier Delgado, Esq., Merlin Law Group; Honorable Joseph J. “Tad” Halbach, Jr., Civil Court Judge, Houston, Texas on Ethics and the Umpire Cannons.

California Earthquake Adjuster Accreditation – HAAG Engineering, Ryan Holdhausen, DoE.

Certified CE Insurance Instructor (current/prior)
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming
Certified CE Insurance Instructor Classes
  • Your Ethical Weather Vane. Super Storm Sandy FPCC 2012 Providence, Rhode Island
  • Hawaii Storm and Lava Claims. NAPIA Annual 2015. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Unique Property Claims of Hawaii. NAPIA Winter 2015. Phoenix, Arizona