Commercial Property Claims

Businesses rely on tailored insurance programs with unique coverages to help them manage varying risks.  An insurance loss for property damage and business interruption requires absolute detail during the complicated claim’s assimilation process.  The insurance company will retain experts to review the claim that you are submitting.  You should have the peace of mind in knowing that a firm having your business interest as one of its top priorities in the claim handling process has not only validated your damages with professional authentication but also has a proven track record of success for its clients.  Hiring Hawaii Public Adjusters will also allow your business’s personnel to continue to focus on your business operations, rather than dedicating them to pursuing an insurance settlement.


Commercial Property Claims:

  • Tenant Leased Properties
  • Business Properties
  • Shop Keepers
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Properties
  • Institutional Properties
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Motels / Hotels

Types of Losses:

Fire, smoke, collapse, broken pipes, vandalism, hail, wind, tornado, hurricane, inundating rain, flood, 3rd. party damages and other catastrophic losses.  Most commercial business policies also cover inventory losses, rental interruption, business interruption, theft, explosions and extra expenses to assist your operations when you are suffering from a loss.

Types of Claims:

Building and structural repairs or replacement, property held by your company, any carrying expenses, displacement caused by a loss, temporary relocation, losses caused by obstructions to your business, protection cost related to your properties’ loss and other expenses attributed to an insured loss.